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Coca Cola 12oz Can 24ct Case

Product Details

Coca-Cola Classic- Enjoy the Original

Coca-Cola Classic is a famous soda that'll be perfect for your office break room. The 24-pack of cans will provide you and your coworkers with a great pick-me-up that'll go well with your lunch or snack. You can even bring a can with you as you head to a job site or client meeting.

A Tasty Beverage
Coca-Cola Classic is a delicious soda that's been a favorite for generations. This 24-pack comes with two separate boxes of twelve cans, so you can store them in your break room for everyone to enjoy.

Store Them in Your Fridge
Both of the 12-packs of Coca-Cola Classic are designed to fit in your officefridge. Open the end of your pack and you'll be able to reach in and grab a can without making a mess of your refrigerator or break room.

Perfect For Office Events
When you're in need of a soda that'll be enjoyed by everyone, Coca-Cola Classic will do the trick. You can have it available for all of your colleagues or clients at your next office meeting or party.

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